yeѕ, ι’м aѕĸιng ғor everyone тнaт coмeѕ acroѕѕ тнιѕ вlog advιce. 

oĸay ι нave тнιѕ вeѕт ғrιend and we’ve вeen ғrιendѕ ѕιnce 11тн grade. oυт  oғ all мy oтнer ғrιendѕ we reмaιned ғrιendѕ aғтer нιgн ѕcнool. well we нaven’т тalĸed ιn aвoυт 3 weeĸѕ. ι ĸnow ѕнe’ѕ υpѕeт wιтн мe and ι ĸnow ιт’ѕ вecaυѕe ι’м very oυтѕpoĸen and ѕpeaĸ wнaт ι ғeel ιѕ тнe тrυтн and wнaт yoυ need тo вe нearιng aт тнe мoмenт. ι agree ι can вe вlυnт aт тιмeѕ, вυт тнaт’ѕ вecaυѕe ι’d  raтнer тell yoυ тнe тrυтн тнan тo enтerтaιn a lιe. we вoтн нave ĸιdѕ. ѕнe нaѕ 3 goιng on 4 and ι нave 1 eхpecтιng мy 2. no neιтнer oғ υѕ are wнere we тнoυgнт we’d вe ιn lιғe вυт we’re вoтн greaт parenтѕ. now laтely ι ғelт тнaт ѕнe’ѕ нad тo мυcн draмa  goιng on and нaтred ιn нer нearт ғroм decιѕιonѕ ѕнe’ѕ мade ιn lιғe. ѕo ι gave нer ѕoмe advιce тнaт oвvιoυѕly ѕнe dιdn’т agree wιтн and we нaven’т тalĸed ѕιnce тнen. ѕнe ĸnowѕ ι’м ѕтυввorn and doeѕn’т ĸιѕѕ anyone aѕѕ. noт тo мenтιon ι’ve нeard ѕнe’ѕ вeen нangιng wιтн ѕoмeone elѕe. ѕo yeѕ ι вacĸed oғғ тo gιve нer ѕoмe ѕpace. вυт тrυly ι мιѕѕ мy ғrιend. ѕнe’ѕ тнe only perѕon тнaт really connecтѕ wιтн мe and υnderѕтandѕ мe. ι jυѕт don’т do тнe draмa and ι don’т нave тιмe ғor anyтнιng тнaт’ѕ noт prodυcтιve тo мy ĸιdѕ, ғaмιly, or мe. do yoυ gυyѕ тнιnĸ ι ѕнoυld do away wιтн a ғrιendѕнιp or ѕнoυld ι вe тнe вιgger perѕon and тalĸ тo нer?  pleaѕe coммenт yoυr advιce. 



WHAT IS LOVE? The most common question asked. Well I’ve learned over my years of living life that everyone meaning of love is different. I mean you have all different types of people in this world all taught different ways of love. 

I have a couple of friends and we’ve all experienced love in different ways. My perception of love is understanding, appreciation, value and respect. If you can allow yourself to understand someone, appreciate them as a person and a value of your life, and most definitely give them the respect that you want as a person. I would say you love that person. Whether it be a friend, family member, a spouse or mate.

Yet sometimes I’ll still question myself upon, what is love? 

I’ve also learned in love that there are levels to love. You’ll love everyone and everything differently. I don’t love my pet dog (coacoa ) the way I love my mother. Why?  Because my mother birthed me into this world, giving me life and coacoa lol well coacoa gives me a sense upon a different level of life. Meaning, she was my first responsibility in life. My mother allowed me to have a pet only if I cared for my pet. 

My mother introduced me to being responsible upon responsibilities. CoaCoa so tiny and very fragile when I got her. She was just able to leave her mommy. Not to mention she’s a chaweenie ( Chihuahua&Dotson) lol and she’s all black. She was now depending on me to be that mother figure. To feed, love, care for and nuture. I understood that and I valued being that for her. 

So now back again, you’ll ask yourself what is love? 

Some people say love is pain…. Well me I wouldn’t say that love is exactly pain. But I would say that I believe you do have to endure some pain in loving anyone, or anything. Love is like the bright early mornings⛅, birds🐦 chirping and the moon 🌙still in the sky

😊…. What’s your meaning of love? 



zcamera-20170704_145613.jpgToday I turned 34 weeks. I feel completely huge and just plan uncomfortable at this moment lol. This is my second pregnancy and is nothing like my first pregnancy. 

So far everything is going great and I seem to be delivering on time, this time. My first pregnancy I went into labor at 32 weeks due to preterm labor. Which was very stressful, because my son had to remain in the hospital to gain weight. Everything was developed, he just was so tiny. 

I’m excited to meet my baby girl and I only have about 6 more weeks before I do so. Pregnancy is a blessing sure enough, but it’s also a task and not an easy one I must say. Are there any other expecting mothers out there?  If so how’s your pregnancy going so far?